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Aerial Systems for Communications 2

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The antenna equipment listed in the following table became available in the early 1980s - to be confirmed



  Model number Approx. date Description Details Comments  
  R1510   Wide Band dipole antenna (bought in from Jaybeam)      
  R1600   LF Umbrella Antenna      
  R1700   HLPA HF high angle antenna      
  R1702/3/5   HLPA HF low angle antenna      
  R1706   VLPA HF antenna      
  R1709   Diversity receive HF LPA      
  R1710   Receive LPA HF antenna      
  R1740/45   High gain HLPA HF antenna      
  R1760   RLPA HF antenna      
  R1900   HFAJ HF antenna      
  R2050   Tropo Billboard antennas here    
  R2100   Tactical Tropo antenna      
  R4001-12   Rhombic HF Antennas      
  R5050 Series   Conifan HF Antenna      
  R5076/7   Marine Band MF Antenna      
  R7070   Marconipole HF ANtenna      
  R7080   Conipole HF antenna      
  R8415   1.8GHz PCN sector antenna      
  R8920   900MHz TAC omni directional antenna      
  R8925   900MHz TAC directional antenna      
  R8935   900MHz ETAC directional antenna      
  R8500   2.5GHz ENG helix antenna series      








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