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Space Communications

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An introduction to Space Communications (1968) is given here.


An introduction to Marconi Space Communications (1968) is given here and in 1969 given here.






Model No.


Description  Comments  Approx. date  Details
  90ft diameter Aerial for Civil Applications    1968 here
  97ft diameter Kingpost Antenna for civil applications    1969 here
  42ft diameter Radio Telescope Antennas    1969 here
  42ft diameter Aerial for Civil Applications   < 1968 here
  40ft diameter Air-transportable Aerial for Military Applications    < 1968 here
  Small Space Aerials    1968 here
  Aerial Feeds for Satellite Communications    < 1968 here
  Servo Control and Drive equipment    < 1968 here
  Single-horn Mode Conversion Scan Feed    < 1969 here
  Feeds for smaller Stations    < 1969 here
P2000 Series  Transmitter for Satellite Communication systems    < 1968 here
  15kW Klystron Transmitters    < 1968 here
  Modulators and Demodulators for Satellite Communications    < 1968 here
  I.F. equipment for Satellite Communications    < 1968 here
  Tracking Receivers    < 1968 here
  Station Control Consoles    < 1968 here
P4500 & P4900 Series  Digital Data Processing equipment    < 1968 here
  Receiving equipment for Satellite Communications    < 1969 here
MX214  132-channel Multiplex equipment    1969 here
MX221  Order-wire subsystem    1969 here
  16-Digit Optical Shaft Encoder    < 1969 here




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