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The Marconi Self-tuning System (MST)

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Introduction (1965)


Present-day operators of HF communications systems are handicapped by the increasing cost of staff and of buildings, by a shortage of skilled technical personnel and by the overcrowded state of the HF band.  The newly-developed MST (Marconi Self-Tuning) transmitting system has been designed to ease these problems as far as possible.  It comprises a complete range of custom-designed equipment for a modern HF transmitting station, from line inputs to final radiation, which can be controlled entirely by one man. 


For further information see here and for later (1968) details here.



The MST Products




  Model No. Description Approx. date Details Comments  
  MST DRIVE SYSTEM < 1965 here    
  H1605 1 Mc/s Master Frequency Source 1964 here    
  H1501 Master Oscillator        
  H1502 Frequency Comparator        
  H1504 1 Mc/s Distribution Amplifier        
Comprehensive Synthesiser Drive assemblies 1964 here    
  H1500C Frequency Synthesiser < 1964 here    
  H1503 Comprehensive Modulator unit < 1964 here    
  H1509 Spot-frequency Drive with H1609 assembly  < 1968 here    
  H1000 1kW Wideband HF Amplifier 1966 here    
  H1001 Wideband Amplifier        
  MST TRANSMITTERS < 1965 here    
  H1200 HF Transmitter 30kW 1964 here    
  H1100 HF Transmitter 7½kW 1964 here    
  H1103 Series  7.5kW HF Transmitter  < 1968 here    
  H1800 Station Control and State Indication equipment 1964 here    
  H1606 Transmitter Output and Monitoring equipment        
    Control and Monitoring equipment for MST Receivers 1966 here    
    Remote Control for MST HF Transmitters and Receivers 1966 here    
    Remote Control for MST HF Receivers  1966 here    
    MST Transmitter Control and Maintenance  1966 here    
  HA11x High-power Matching Transformers        
  HA159 Series Aerial Exchanges        
  H1400 Series Automatic Aerial Exchanges 1964 here    
  H1410  High-power HF Automatic Aerial Exchange  < 1968 here    
  H1420 Automatic Feeder Switch        
  MST RECEIVERS < 1965 here    
  H2002 Series Self-tuning HF Receivers   here    
  H2002 Dual-diversity Telegraph Receiver        
  H2102 Dual-diversity ISB/SSB Receiver        
  H2112 Single-path ISB/SSB Receiver        
  H1500E Frequency Synthesiser        
  H1605 Master Frequency Source        
  H4500 Self-tuning (MST) Test Set 1966 here    


Other reading


Transportable MST systems available here.





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