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Articles - Communications

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  Date Article Description Click Note 
  1903 Hacking at the Royal Institution during lecture by Guglielmo Marconi here   
  1909 Nobel lecture by Guglielmo Marconi here   
  1910 Wireless Telegraphy for Marine Intercommunication by WW Bradfield  here  
  1925 How wireless developed in Australia (pages 12 - 23) by JM Myers (AWA) here   
  1930 Transmission between London and Canada using the Marconi Beam facsimile system here   
  1945 Proposal for Geostationary Satellite Communications by Arthur C Clarke here   
  1952 By Sound and Vision here   
  1952 With Telecom in Korea here   
  1953 Link with the future here   
  1954 VHF assembly work at Basildon here   
  1954 Mobile radio at work here   
  1954 Calling all cars here   
  1954 Uganda link-up here  
  1954 Radio on the track here  
  1954 Gulf Oil Link  here   
  1954 Follow my Glider  here   
  1954 Way up to Lagalla here   
  1955 "Able calling Baker"  here   
  1955 Singapore's radio taxis  here   
  1955 Our radio for Ethiopia  here   
  1955 The Band Stand  here   
  1955 In the Caribbean  here   
  1956 Radio on the Pipeline (Marconi Companies and their People) here   
  1957 Emergency call here   
  1957 Links across Ghana here   
  1960 Travelling Wave Tubes for Microwave Communications (Point-to-Point February 1960) here  
  1963 Modulation methods for multi-station satellite communications systems (PR0001) here  2 
  1963 Low Frequency Communications (1963 Marconi Catalogue)  here  
  1963 Low-power HF Communication systems (1963 Marconi Catalogue) here  
  1963 High-power HF Communication systems (1963 Marconi Catalogue)  here  
  1963 Military HF Communication Systems (1963 Marconi Catalogue)  here  
  1965 Apollo in Ascension Island by John Brown (written in 2014) here 
  1966 Apollo men set up shot system  here
  1966 Marconi communications at British Exhibition in Moscow  here  
  1966 Prince Philip sees the Apollo station  here  
  1967 MST order won from Switzerland  here  
  1967 Over the high dam  here  
  1967 Reaching for the heights  here  
  1967 SCORPIO Part 1  here  
  1967 SCORPIO Part 2  here  
  1967 SCORPIO Postscript  here  
  1967 Writtle breakthrough  here  
  1968 A flash from Eddystone  here  
  1968 A new landmark on the Lizard - Part 1  here  
  1968 A new landmark on the Lizard - Part 2  here  
  1968 British Rail's PCM phone link  here  
  1968 Building the dish for Bahrain  here  
  1968 Making the new PO equipment at Basildon  here  
  1968 Marconi can win  here  
  1968 Reaching a milestone on time  here  
  1968 A date with Marconidata here   
  1969 The No. 2 Antenna System, Goonhilly (PR0014) here
  1969 A new landmark on the Lizard - Part 3  here  
  1969 Bahrain and Hong Kong progress  here
  1969 Bahrain and Hong Kong completed  here
  1969 Gateshead features in Bahrain and Hong Kong  here
  1969 More about PCM  here  
  1969 New Eddystone product  here  
  1969 New space station built by Marconi  here
  1969 Success story of the year  here
  1969 Voices from space  here  
  1970 Communications past and future  here  
  1970 Radio telescope for Cambridge  here  
  1970 Space station for East Africa  here  
  1972 Book entitled Diesel Engine Power by R.A. (Mick) Ford A.M. Inst. B.E.  here   
  1974 A great story on the collaboration between Marconi and Eddystone on a large oil field contract  here  
  1974 Matelo by DE Hart here  
  1974 Civil Maritime Satellite Communications systems by JG Chaplin here  
  1974 Printed Wiring Techniques by EG Holland and PRK Chapman here  
  1974 The Maintenance of Tropospheric-scatter equipment by MH Wade here  
  1975 Spector by WC Mills here  
  1975 Confidence in Quality - Part 1 by EF Cranston here  
  1975 North Sea Communications by RR Willett here  
  1975 Making Printed Circuits by JE Cole here  
  1975 Integrated Communication Systems for Naval ships by RLJ Awcock here  
  1975 Improved Underwater Communications  here  
  1975 Confidence in Quality - Part 2 by EF Cranston here  
  1976 Microprocessors by JH Hollom  here  
  1976 The Consulting Engineer in Telecommunications by RL Varney here  
  1976 Caribbean Relay Station by RE Bliss  here  
  1976 Development of Communications for the British Forces in Germany by HJ Barker here  
  1976 30-channel PCM by H Thurgood  here  
  1976 Digital Remote Control by E Hoare  here  
  1976 Tropospheric Scatter - automatic power level control by AR Kennedy  here  
  1977 Microprocessor Message Switching by AJ Gibson here  
  1977 A New High-stability Eddystone Receiver by BO Cooke here  
  1977 Tropospheric Scatter 2GHz systems by BL Ackroyd  here  
  1977 Arion - A Shipborne Terminal for Satellite Communication by J Watt  here  
  1977 Arion - Antenna Control and Stabilisation equipment by MB Johnson  here  
  1977 Diversity Reception of Telegraph Signals by JPR Gorrie  here  
  1978 Arion - Microprocessor Control by PJ Watkins  here  
  1978 A New Approach to Modem Design by WC Mills  here  
  1978 TRIFFID - British Arm's new Radio Relay equipment by JP Allen and G Funnel  here  
  1978 Communication System for MARISAT by W Dobson  here  
  1978 New Mobile Transmitter/Receiver by JE Phillips and PC Gill  here  
  1979 Madley - UK's latest Intelstat Earth Station by TJ Canham and AG Ruddock  here  
  1979 A New Medium Capacity Radio Relay Station by G Waters  here  
  1979 Second Generation 30-channel PCM Multiplex by WHF Green  here  
  1979 The Marconi U1107 Data Modem by WC Mills  here  
  1979 Single Sideband Modulation for VHF Private Mobile Radio by SG Walding  here  
  1980 Towards a Satellite-based Data Network for Europe by D Smith   here  
  1980 Second Generation 30-channel PCM Signalling System by ME Roper  here  
  1980 Communication Systems for Submarines and Naval Patrol Vessels by RA Nice  here  
  1981 Ground Communications equipment for large Earth Stations by VL Nippierd and MAS Watson here  
  1981 Introduction of Digital Tropo for military tactical communications by JD Rogers  here  
  1981 TRIFFID in BAOR by CER Story and RC Boulter  here  
  1981 HF Communications in Defence by CRM Noonan  here  
  1981 The North East Shetland Basin Communication systems for the oil industry by WR Burgoyne here  
  1981 A Supergroup Codec by DJB Tech  here  
  1981 Hypergroup Codec by TH Pierce, HJ Pipe and MJ Whittemore here  
  1981 The Scimitar Family of Combat Net Radio by HAJ Sturge  here  
  1981 ECS - The European Satellite System by CB Wooster  here  
  1981 Distributed Message Switching - a practical realisation by PM Hopp  here  
  1981 Radio Equipment for Digital Tropo Military Tactical Communications by JD Rogers, MH Stears and BW Baker  here  
  1982 New Digital Transmission Services for the business community by BD Bowsher  here  
  1982 Satellite Telecommunications in the civil environment by WTT Prince here  
  1982 The INMARSAT System by CB Wooster  here  
  1982 H6701 External Communication Control Systems for small ships by EJ Conley here  
  1982 Radiophone Development in the UK by AE Robinson  here  
  1982 A Microprocessor-based 9600 bps Modem by WC Mills  here  
  1982 EECM in Naval HF Defence Communications by MA Lawrence  here  
  1982 Operational Control of the U4000 Distributed Message Switching system by RF Moore  here  
  1983 Project UNIVERSE - Satellite Communications and LANs by BR Ackroyd  here  
  1983 Towards Integrated Business Solutions by BD Bowsher  here  
  1983 Containerised Communication systems within the Naval environment by P Bickers  here  
  1983 ICS3 - extended channel availability in Naval communications by REJ Gerard  here  
  1983 A Transportable Satellite Earth Station by JMC Scott  here  
  1983 MADLEY - Growth of a large Earth Station by CB Wooster  here  
  1983 SPECTOR 2 by KW Newson  here  
  1983 Automatic Cross-connection equipment for enhanced digital working by B St. J Jarvis  here  
  1983 Automatic Routeing control for the U4000 Distributed Message Switching system by DC Roscoe  here  
  1983 An Introduction to the Marconi U4100 Marshal by PM Hopp  here  
  1983 A New Generation od Low-speed Data Modems by WT Butler here  
  1983 Radio Relay for 1.5GHz by MH Stears  here  
  1983 Performance Measurements on a Tactical Tropo system by BR Ackroyd  here  
  1984 MAKAIRA - Versatile Communications for Coastal and Archipelago protection vessels by A Bell  here  
  1984 MARRACS - Marconi Rapid-Attachment Communications systems by D Painting  here  
  1984 BBC World Service Programme Distribution by Satellite by PW Hope here  
  1984 60TDM - A 60-channel Telex TDM equipment by T Gills here  
  1985 Single-channel-per-carrier Access equipment for Satellite Business systems by PF Robinson  here  
  1985 TV Distribution by Satellite by BR Ackroyd  here  
  1985 The Eddystone 1650 Series of Communications Receivers by RT Sutton  here  
  1985 Scimitar H - Combat Net Radio of the 80's  here  
  1985 Radio Alarms in the Mobile Radio environment   here  
  1985 The British Telecom Kilostream Service by ME Gibson  here  
  1985 ACE - a new dimension in digital networking by BD Bowsher  here  
  1985 MIL-STD 1533 - a standard for data communications by NS Haverty  here  
  1985 MIL-STD 1553B Data-line Control of ICS3 communication systems by MAW Cranmer  here  
  1985 Trends in Offshore Communications by BR Ackroyd  here  
  1986 World-wide Reception of Satellite TV Programmes by JS Donnithorne  here  
  1986 Transportable Satellite Earth Terminals by BR Ackroyd  here  
  1986 An Adaptable Military Communications system by FI Brick  here  
  1986 RC640 - A New FM Mobile Radio by CJ Marscheider and JM Turner  here  
  1986 Swordfish by K Kearns  here  
  1987 Sub-multiplexers for 64K by R Bunce and B Clare  here  
  1987 COMTROP and Digital Tropo Scatter Communications by BR Ackroyd here  
  1987 News Gathering by Satellite by BR Ackroyd  here  
  1988 The Eddystone 1995 Series of VHF/UHF Communication Receivers by RT Sutton  here  
  1988 The Apollo Receiver by BR Ackroyd  here  
  1988 Teleconferencing by BR Ackroyd  here  
  1988 The Dynamics of Private Wire Networks by AM Henderson  here  
  1988 512ACE - a 512 2Mbps Port Automatic Cross-connection equipment  here  
Fifty years of transmitting at BBC Woofferton1943 - 1993 A social and technical history 
  1997 REDS - Radio Evacuation Distress Signalling system here and here   
  2001 Marconi's Wireless Installation in R.M.S. Titanic here   
  2015 Marconi: The West of England's very own Italian wireless pioneer here   



1.  Part of the worldwide Cable and Wireless contract

2.  These are extracts from Marconi Point-to-Point magazines





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