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Multi-channel VHF and SHF systems

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A table covering listing the Microwave Link equipment in 1958 is available here


  Name or Model No. Approx. Date Description Details Comments  
  HM5  1961 VHF-UHF 5-channel Radio Link equipment  here    
  HM30  1960 Radio Link Supervisory system  here    
  HM40/60 1958 Modem Racks here    
  HM50 1952 Baseband racks here    
  HM100/HM150 < 1958 VHF Multi-channel equipment here Technical description  
  HM100 1952 VHF Multichannel Terminal equipment here    
  HM150 1952 VHF Multichannel Repeater equipment here    
  HM181 < 1958 VHF Multi-channel equipment here    
  HM190 Series < 1958 VHF Amplifier Amplifiers, 200W here    
  HM200/250 < 1958 UHF Wideband Radio Link here    
  HM300/350 < 1958 SHF Multi-channel equipment here    
  HM310/360  < 1963 SHF FM 60-channel Radio Link equipment  here    
  HM400/450 < 1958 UHF Multi-channel equipment here    
  HM500/550 < 1960 48-Channel Radio Link equipment  here    
  HM510/560 1960 48-Channel Radio Link equipment  here    
  HP311 < 1958 Portable SHF Multi-channel equipment here    
  HQ20/30 Series 1952 VHF Radio Survey equipment here    
  DQ48 Series  1960 UHF Multi-channel Radio Link equipment  here  Canadian Marconi  
  DQ58 Series  1962 UHF Wideband Radio Link equipment  here    
  DQ78 Series  1961 SHF 240-channel Radio Link equipment  here Canadian Marconi   
  MH140A  1963 SHF Multichannel equipment  here Military use   
  MH140B 1961 SHF FM 300-Channel Radio Link equipment  here Marconi Italiana  
  MH141  1964 600-Channel Radio Link equipment  here Marconi Italiana  
  MH150  1965 300-Channel Radio Link equipment  here Marconi Italiana   
  MH161  1969 960-Channel Radio Link equipment  here Marconi Italiana   
  MH170/200  1969 SHF All solid state  here    
  H7060  1966 UHF FM 7-Channel  here    
    < 1963 VHF Aerials  here    
    < 1963 Microwave Aerials here    
    1965 Range of Aerials for VHF and Microwave Systems  here    


In the mid 1950s Marconi struck an agreement with Automatic Telephone and Electric Company Limited (AT & E) for them to supply telephone carrier equipment for use with Marconi's multi-channel radio equipment.  Further details are available here








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