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LF, MF and HF - Products

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Model No. Approx. date Description Details Comments
HS21 1952 Transmitter, SSB, Telegraph, HF, 500W here *R228 
HS22  < 1960 Transmitter, ISB, HF 250-300W  here   
HS27 and HR27 1960 Mobile 350W HF Wireless Station here *R231/R234
HS27 and HR28  1964 Semi-mobile HF Wireless Station 350W here  
HS28    Transmitter  here  
HS28 and HR28  1964 Transportable HF Wireless Station 1kW  here  
HS31 and HS32 < 1958 Transmitter, HF, ISB 3.5kW here  
HS41 < 1958 Transmitter, HF, 10kW here  
HS51  < 1960 Transmitter, HF, ISB, 390kW  here   
HS61 < 1958 Amplifier, HF, 30kW here  
HS71 and HS72   Transmitter, HF, ISB, 10kW here  
HS81 1958 Transmitter, Telegraph, LF, 40kW here  
HS92 1958 Transmitter, HF, FSK, 400-500W here  
HS101 < 1958 Transmitter, HF, Telegraph / Telephone, 1-5kW here   
HS113  1960 Transmitter, HF, Wide-band, 1kW  here   
HSR11 < 1958 Transmitter/Receiver, HF, 50W here   
HSR21 1958 Transmitter/Receiver, HF, SSB, 60W here   
HX315/316  1952 Transmitter, Telephone, VHF, 50W  here  
TC103 1962 Transmitter, Telegraph, LF, 5kW here  
TC301 1962 Transmitter, HF, Double-channel, 1kW  here  
TFL761 1952 Transmitter, Telegraph, LF, 40kW here  
TGZ651 1952 Transmitter, Telegraph/Telephone, LF, 3kW here  
TSY 471 1952 Transmitter, Telegraph/Telephone, MF/HF, 60W here  
TSY501 1952 Transmitter, Telegraph/Telephone, MF/HF, 'Oceanspan II', 100W here  
TV5 1952 Transmitter/Receiver, Telegraph/Telephone, MF/HF, 20W here  
TGM541 1952 Transmitter, Telegraph/Telephone, MF, 200W here  
TGM571 1952 Transmitter, Telegraph/Telephone, MF, 500W here  
TGM651 1952 Transmitter, Telegraph/Telephone, MF, 3kW here  
TGS471 1952 Transmitter, Telegraph/Telephone, HF, 60W here  
TGS501 1952 Transmitter, Telegraph/Telephone, HF, 100W here  
TGS541 1952 Transmitter, Telegraph/Telephone, HF, 200W here  
TGS571 1952 Transmitter, Telegraph/Telephone, HF, 500W here  
TGV472  1952 Transmitter. Telephone, VHF, 50W  here  
HG10 Series 1952 Remote Control systems here  
OC12 1952 Check Recording unit here  
OC13 1952 Check Receiver here  
HC100 Series 1952 Channellised Transmitter, HF, 400W here  
HC200 Series 1952 Channellised Transmitter, HF, 2.5kW here  
  < 1958 Crystal Drives and Ancillary equipment here   
  < 1963 Crystal Drives and Ancillary equipment  here  
HD11  1952 Ten-way Crystal Drive unit  here  
HD12  1952 FSK Drive unit  here  
HD51 < 1958 ISB Generating and Monitoring equipment here  
HD57  < 1965 Fixed Frequency Drive  here  
HD61B < 1958 Frequency-shift Diplex Drive and Keying equipment here  
HD63 < 1958 4-way Frequency-shift Drive and Keying unit here  
HD65 < 1958 FSK Drive and Phasing equipment here  
HD66  < 1965 Fixed Frequency Drive  here  
HD313  < 1960 UHF Tropospheric-scatter Drive unit  here   
HK11 < 1958 High-speed Electronic Keying unit here  
HL11 and HL12 < 1958 3-channel FM, VF, Telegraph equipment here   
HL13 and HL14  1959 6-channel FM, VF, Telegraph equipment  here   
HQ20/30  1952 VHF Radio Survey equipment  here   
HU10 Series  1959 Telegraph Recording units  here   
HU20 Series  1958 Automatic Error Detection and Correction equipment (Autoplex)  here   
HU120  < 1963 'Autoplex' equipment  here  
H5100  1963 'Autospec' equipment  here  
SSM1  1952 SSB Modulator  here  
SSD2  1952 SSB Generating and Monitoring equipment  here  
  < 1968 HF Drive assemblies  here  
H1000  < 1968 HF Transmitter  here  
H1041  1980s Transmitter, HF, 1kW  here  
H1060  1970s Transmitter, HF, 1kW  here  
H1100  < 1965 Transmitter, HF, 7.5kW  here  
H1102  < 1968 HF Transmitter  here  
H1200 < 1965 Sender, 30kW PEP here *R235
H1211  < 1968 100kW HF Linear Amplifier  here  
H1410  < 1968 High Power Aerial Exchange  here  
H1500 1962 Frequency Synthesiser  here  
H1505  < 1965 Fixed Frequency Source  here  
H1610  < 1968 LF Drive assemblies  here  
H2001  1968 'Hydrus' HF Receiver  here  
H2301  < 1968 General Purpose MF and HF Receiver  here  
H2310  1969 High-stability Communications Receiver 'Argo'  here  



*  British Forces military nomenclature



Aerial equipment



Model No. Approx. date Description Details Comments
HA11x < 1968 Transmitter Aerial Matching units here  
H2400 Series  < 1968 Receiver Matching and Switching units here  




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