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Receivers - Products

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The early years


Model No. Approx. date Description Details Comments  
  1896 Coherer / Receiver here    
  1901 Telephone Receiver  here    
  1902 Coherer / Receiver here    
101R  1902  Magnetic Detector  here     
103R  1910  Multiple Tuner  here     
104R  1910  Short Wave Tuner  here     
31 and 31c 1910 Crystal Receiver here    
16 1916 Crystal Receiver here    
  1916 Direction Finder / Receiver  here    
  1916 Valve and Crystal Receiver  here    
  1917 Short Wave Receiver  here    
11F  1920 Direction Finder / Receiver  here    
226B 1920 Marconi Receiver here    
  1920 Seven-valve Receiver  here    
  1922 Crystal Junior Receiver here    
A 1922 Crystal A Receiver here    
  1922 Five-valve Receiver here    
  1923 Three-valve Broadcast Receiver here    
V2  1923 Two-valve Receiver  here    
21  1925 Two-valve Receiver  here    
  1925 Universal Baby Crystal Receiver  here    
61  1928 Screen Grid Six Receiver  here    






Model No. Approx. date Description Details Comments 
RC67  1943 Reception set  here  
CSR-5A    Communications Receiver  here Canadian Marconi 
HR11 < 1958 Double-diversity Telegraph Receiver here *R217 
HR13  < 1958  Triple-diversity HF Receiver  here *R217 
HR14 < 1958 Double-diversity HF Receiver here  
HR16 < 1958 Double-diversity VHF Receiver here  
HR21 1952 Single-path I.S.B. Receiver here  
HR22  < 1958 SSB HF Receiver  here  
HR23  < 1958  Triple-diversity ISB Receiver  here *R235 
HR24 1958 Double-diversity SSB Receiver here  
HR27    Receiver  here *R230 
HR28    Receiver  here *R231/234 
HR51 < 1958 Three-channel HF Receiver here  
HRU51 < 1958 Automatic Telegraph Receiving equipment  here  
HR54 < 1958 Fixed-frequency Receiver here  
HR61  1960 SSB Receiver  here  
HR71 and HR72 < 1958 Remotely Controlled HF Receiver here  
HR91 1952 Double Diversity Receiver here  
HR93 1952 SSB Receiver here  
HR100  1955 General Purpose MF/HF Receiver  here Rebadged Eddystone 750/2 
HR101  1960  HF SSB Receiver  here   
HR110 1952 MF/HF Miniature Receiver here  
HR120  1960  HF Receiver  here   
HR312 1959 Quadruple Diversity UHF Receiver here  
HU11, HU12 and HU13 < 1958 Telegraph Recording units here  
HU14, HU14A and HU14B < 1958 Frequency-shift Diplex Receiving unit here  
HU11 to HU14C < 1963 Telegraph Recording units  here  
UG6 and UG8 < 1958 High-speed Undulators here  
RB150/1 1952 Recording Bridge here  
RT150 1952 Tone Sender here  
CR100  1940? Receiver - prototype here here  
CR100/1 B28 1940s Communications Receiver  here Note 1 below 
CR100/2  1941? Receiver  here *R1297 
CR100/3  1942? Receiver  here  
CR100/4 B28   Receiver here  
CR100/5 B28 1941-1945 Receiver  here  
CR100/6 B35   Receiver here   
CR100/7 B28  1959? Communications Receiver with 10W CW transmitter in its lid 


CR100/8 B28 1942-1945 Receiver  here  
CR150  1943-1950 



**  User Manual

here here



CR150/2    Receiver  here *DFG26/5 
CR150/3 1952 HF Receiver here  
CR150/6 < 1958 Receiver here  
CRD150/4    Receiver  here *R211 
CRD150/20    Receiver  here *R211 
CR150/20/HSR1 1952 HF Triple Diversity Telegraph Receiver here  
CR150/20/SSR2 1952 Triple Diversity SSB Receiver here  
CR150/22A 1952 HD Double Diversity Receiver here  
CR200 < 1958 LF Receiver here  
CR200 B29 1952 LF/MF Receiver here  
CR300 1952 LF/MF/HF Receiver here  
CR300/1  1943-1946 Receiver (500KHz Xtal oscillator) here  
CR300/2  1943-1946 Receiver (690KHz Xtal oscillator) here  
N2020 1969 ISB Receiver here Shipborne use 
H2001 1969 HF Receiver, 'Hydrus' here  
H2002 1969 Dual Diversity Telegraph Receiver here  
H2102 1969 Dual Diversity ISB/SSB Receiver here  
H2112 1969 Single Path ISB/SSB Receiver here  
H2153 1969 Dual Diversity ISB/FSK Receiver here  
H2301  1965 General-purpose MF and HF Receiver  here  
H2310 1969 High Stability Communications Receiver - Argo here Shipborne use 
N3000 1969 ISB Transmitter Drive/Receiver here Shipborne use 




*  British Forces military nomenclature 


1.  The design of the CR100 was spearheaded by Eric Zepler during the pre-war years 1936 to 1939.  Click here for details.  The popular R1155 Receiver and T1154 Transmitter widely used by the RAF were also based on Zepler's design.



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