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Marconi in Communications

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This Wiki was started in 2012 to help document the long history of the Marconi Company in Communications.


It was initially private with access limited to ex-employees of the Marconi Company or one of its sister companies but as information was provided by many volunteer contributors it was decided to make it public to increase the opportunity for further input from an additional base thus increasing its credibility.


Constructive comments and input are very much welcomed; such comments can be added at the foot of each page by subscribed readers.  Should you find that you do not have the necessary permission to add comments, please click the link at the top right of the page which reads "To join this workspace, request access".  Alternatively, the workspace owner can be contacted via the "Contact the Owner" link at the foot of the workspace frame. 


The wiki principle of multiple-authorship applies to this document and appropriate persons may be given write access to add to the wiki.


Statement of Intent



It was with great sadness that we had to report the death of David Samways the principle editor of this and other related wikis. Many of his colleagues wish to record their rememberances so these are being collected here. Readers may forward their own contribution by using the "Contact the Owner" link at the foot of this page. 




General note

It should be noted that communications equipment used in air-to-ground applications is included in the Marconi in Avionics Wiki.  People with knowledge of Marconi avionics are most welcome to contribute and should request to join by clicking here.


There is a comprehensive listing of all Company publications to be found here


Extract from the 1952 Catalogue

The efficiency of post and telegraph services throughout the world pays tribute to the absolute reliability of Marconi communications equipment.  Some eighty or so countries outside the British Isles have installations which, though completed perhaps five, ten, fifteen or even twenty years ago, are still giving trouble-free operation.


From the early experiment in 1901 when Marconi first spanned the world, a steady and continues progress has been maintained in the design of new equipments which incorporate the latest electronic developments.  The famous 'beam' stations go on record as perhaps the outstanding advancement in world-wide communications, whilst present-day achievements extend the operational facilities even further.  The Marconi range of current products covers a very wide field and embraces all techniques now in common use.


Extract from the 1958 Catalogue

The increased requirements in the communications field call for a wide range of equipment built to give a high standard of performance.  The frequencies employed extend from L.F. to the SHF bands and so a variety of techniques are used.


Significant technical advance are being made, an example of which is a system of Ionospheric Forward Scatter transmission.  Frequencies of between 30 and 60 Mc/s are used for direct communication over distances of the order of 600 to 1,200 miles (1000 to 2000 km).  Carefully engineered systems facilitate telegraph communication of exceptional reliability.  In the realm of microwave links other examples are to be found, the use of travelling wave tubes alone resulting in the development of wide-band equipment giving up to 240 speech channels.


The facilities of the Marconi Company enable complete projects to be planned, engineered, installed and operated and the technical training of personnel carried out.  Collaboration with the Automatic Telephone and Electric Company, whose reputation and experience in telecommunications is world-renowned, enables a completely comprehensive service to be offered.  The massive combined resources of the two companies are at the disposal of authorities everywhere.


Market Categories

Space communications

Space Communications Division was formed on 13th September 1965 as part of the new Telecommunications Group




Radio communications


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